Thanks for the wait! Part II is going to be different. It's not going to be about music, and it's not going to be about you (or me) as well. It's going to be about those around us. And if you haven't read Part I, please click on the link and give it a read! I promise it's short and succinct :)

But how exactly does what you do depend on those around you? After all, we are the ones who have to put in the time and effort ourselves. To me, that's only half the formula. The other half comes from those around you who allow you to make things happen. I'm not sure how to best explain this, but let me speak based on my experience. From conversations with friends and colleagues, especially about Life, these phrases usually come up:


  • "How do you practice with a kid?"
  • "If you can do what you do with a kid, so can I"
  • "I don't know how you do it"


And while it seems like I'm doing the right thing, I know that it is only possible through my support group - those around me. If you're married and already have kids, you'd probably understand better. Not that this isn't applicable to singles (more on that below), but it's really about those around you who enable and allow you to grow, pursue, and chase your dreams. 

I have been extremely fortunate and immeasurably blessed with loving families and a selfless, supportive, understanding, and encouraging spouse. And because all of them understand what it's like to start a career and a family, they help in every way they can. My wife even tells me to practice or to take up jobs and gigs, and assures me not to worry while she takes care of our son. Honestly, it is a bit hard to say "ok" because my son is also my responsibility, and I always feel bad if I'm not taking care of him and helping out when I can. But having said that, I also understand the need to use that time to work hard through practicing or performing to my best abilities, so that I ensure a future for them.

A while ago, I was having this conversation with a friend (which actually sparked me to write this post) and it went something like this:


Friend: "How do you practice with a kid? Isn't it tough?"

Me: "Yea it is! I mean, the only time I can do anything is at night, but you have to give and take and make sacrifices."

F: "That's the word - sacrifice. That's everything."


And it really means to give up on things or to put some things on hold, at least for a couple of years (I think.. I'm only 2 years into this "business" haha!). But how I seem to make it work is really through my support group - my family. They enable me to hone my skills and my craft, and always provide the best for me. It is something I am so thankful for (because I know, some individuals may not be as blessed as I have been) and is why I work hard, not to make myself feel or look better but rather, in appreciation for their time and sacrifice to me.

Now, for those who are single, it may seem as if this post isn't meant for you. Here's the thing: while a lot of it deals with family, child-caring, and having a supportive partner, you too can surround yourself with like-minded peers, friends, colleagues, etc. Those people will become your support group and help enable you to be a better you - I touched on this in a recent post. I truly believe that if you surround yourself with people who inspire you and push you to improve, this positive cycle will feed itself, and you in turn, will also inspire those around you.

I'd like to dedicate this post to my support group, for their sacrifice for me - if not for all of their help, I will not be where I am today, doing what I do every day. As for you guys, I really hope you enjoyed reading this, and if you know and have your support group, be sure to thank them! It also pays to help them out whenever you can too - I think it's what makes the world a better place :) Do share this post and/or your stories below, and I hope everyone stays safe and well. As always, thanks for reading!