The world is full of diversity. Some people are gifted, some have pure raw talent, others are geniuses, and then there's Jacob Collier.. hahaha. But in all seriousness, he has such an amazing mind and a humble personality (I've never met him in person so I don't know this, but I say this because he just feels that way through watching videos of him)! And if that wasn't enough, he is a multi-instrumentalist, he can sing, and can do so many other things that only ordinary people like myself can only dream of.

What's more epic is that he is coming to Singapore! When the announcement came, I really wanted to catch him but was already scheduled and booked for a gig on the 27th - and this was confirmed last year! But in some fortunate twist of fate, the organiser had to reschedule the event and so, the first thing I did was to get tickets! Naturally, it was already sold out and I was pretty bummed.. until they announced a second night! This time, I managed to get seats! So if you're catching him on the 28th, I'll see you there :)

Earlier this year, there was a video of him explaining the concept of harmony on 5 different levels. It was such an inspiration to watch and to witness such musical maturity! If you haven't seen it, do click on the link above and I guarantee, you'll be able to learn something from it. And if you've seen it, just go watch it again! It's always refreshing to re-watch/revisit things that we've watched or done before as our maturity could be drastically different from then and now. Like sometimes, I find myself listening to stuff from the past and I realise that I'm hearing a lot of different sounds, ideas, grooves, rhythms, motifs, etc, as compared to 20 years ago.

But returning to the video, my takeaway is how he manages to explain concepts at various stages of human maturity. Basically, he was able to teach them something based on their knowledge, and to educate them from their perspective. It's something I struggle with in my own teaching - trying to convey concepts and ideas that are hopefully not confusing to the students. Perspectives are really important, and I hope to keep reminding myself to see things differently - like reminding myself that a 2 year-old doesn't know much and can't control his emotions well.

What about you? Do you have similar struggles when it comes to teaching? Hope to hear from you in the comments or DMs! Thanks again for reading, and remember to check out Jacob Collier's YouTube channel! Stay safe and be well!