We all have gone through different stages of life - infancy, toddler-years, child-years, teenage years, adulthood - and our minds are wired very differently with each phase. We grow from our experiences, learn from our mistakes, create new memories and so on. In comparison, music is no different, whether performing or composing. Beethoven's early works were drastically different compared to his later works, clearly seen by his string quartets for example. Even the master of minimalism himself Steve Reich, had a "previous life" as a composer, where he was focusing more on the twelve-tone row than on harmonies and rhythms we now know him best for. The sound and interpretations of performers also change as they mature with the music. Earth, Wind and Fire plays and writes drastically different now as compared to the 70's, and Linkin Park went from emo/screamo to pop/mainstream with their latest single. 

It's something I term "growing up" that is part and parcel of music. Well, Life actually! It helps us find our "voice" in the sea of billions of individuals, our uniqueness and our roots. Back in the early 2000s when I was a young fiesty 13-year old teenager, I would often engage in arguments online (already!) with my friends from school. I felt the urge but more importantly, the need to make myself heard, to give my opinions (whether constructive or not), to "contribute" in any way, shape or form that I could muster. In Singapore slang, I was a keyboard warrior! Thus was the effect of the Internet back then, which still is prevalent today, that I think is both a blessing and a curse. 

My keyboard warrior life has seen better days and now, I only comment on posts:

  • If the person(s) is(are) in need of help.
  • If I think my comment will positively beneficial the person(s) or community. 
  • If my contribution is constructive as a whole. 

 If I do not foresee any positive outlook by commenting, I just refrain from commenting. And then I tell my wife about it.

In my previous post, I mentioned I would like to use this blog feature more frequently and so, I've decided to dedicate this space to my #midweekthoughts that can range from articles I have read through the week, or a discussion I find interesting that I would like to write about, or maybe even something totally unrelated to music!

In a way, I am reviving my keyboard warrior days, but with the mind of an adult rather than a 13-year old. Much like The Bulletproof Musician (I will actually speak about this in my next post!), I would like my posts to contribute in any way big or small, that hopefully will reach communities and benefit them, whether music related or not.

And of course, it will be great to hear from you guys! So if there is/are any issue(s) you would like to talk about, let me know in the comments below and I will be more than happy to set up a discussion on it! Please feel free to share this post to let people know of my #midweekthoughts as well!

Thanks for taking the time to read this too. Stay safe and be well!