I'm not sure about you, but I've had times where my words were used against me. Whether it was from texts or even my weekly posts, they've all been taken out of context, skewered in such a way that only seems logical to the perpetrator. While I understand miscommunication is inevitable at times (for me, even with family and close friends), what infuriates me is how these words warp another's perspective.

A great example is ads - they do this all the time! Take a look at this poster below.


If you're wondering what irks me, it says "more space on board" with "450 buses added", but adding buses does not equate to having more space! The impression of having more space on board because of more buses in quantity is misguided because the capacity of each bus still remains the same. And it's frustrating how the consumers can be misled so easily. Now I feel like a keyboard warrior, so let's move on to something else..

Do give some time to read this interview with Gavin Harrison. It was actually the compelling reason for me to write this post because of the misleading title. You'll notice that it has no correlation to the content of the article, and is not even part of Gavin's super humble personality. It's a good thing I always read things before diving in - a trait that's been instilled in me since young. My parents would make sure we read the instructions if we were doing an activity, or read a passage carefully to truly understand it. Even now when I open my kid's toys, I'd read the instructions to make sure I set it up properly, or at least know how to work it so that I don't destroy it in the process! It's a blessing to read and I'm glad I read the article in full, learning about Gavin's personality a bit more, and wanting to have a heart as big as his too. Imagine those who just skim pass the article's title, and immediately judge Gavin Harrison on it without reading! 

But why is it that words get skewered? If you know the answer, please share it in the comments because I have no idea! Hahaha..

And speaking of Gavin Harrison, if you haven't heard of him, he's definitely someone to check out! I heard about him and Porcupine Tree from a good friend of mine, Wei Lung, who has his own drumming YouTube channel that's really impressive! There's a lot of talent in this tiny island, and I always love to share these gems :)

Well anyway, I'd like to hear from you! Have you encountered infuriating situations where your words were skewered, causing huge misunderstandings? Do share them in the comments below and in the meantime, stay safe and stay well. Thanks for reading, as always!