The title says it all! The reason this post is on June 17th is because one year ago, I refurbished my website and posted my first post in this cool blog feature. It then spurred me to introduce #midweekthoughts, penning down my thoughts about things or issues that were and have been on my mind. One year on and I'd like to thank you for sticking by! Although, it feels longer than a year yet also too short that I'm going "What? It's already been a year?"

A lot has happened since June 2017, and I'm so thankful for every opportunity, every missed opportunity, the countless experiences, and all the people whom I crossed paths with and had the pleasure of working and/or interacting with. When midweekthoughts started, it was meant to share my thoughts and opinions with you, hopefully striking a chord or two that is relatable, or maybe even provoking some thought-processes in you. Many of these posts were written as a result of daily communication, self-reflection, and those rare late-night suppers I get nowadays. I really enjoy sharing sessions and feel that they are important because it always gives you a different insight or perspective, and I think this contributes to any kind of growth - whether musically or psychologically or in maturity.

And to those who have commented, liked, and sent me private messages about my posts, thank you so much! Truth be told, at times, it does feel like I'm writing to a wall and with all this, I'm also always thinking about the impact I'm bringing (if any), and wondering if any of this actually helps anyone at all! So it really means a lot to receive messages from friends, saying how much they enjoyed reading certain posts. Thank you for giving me your time to read my ramblings!

Remember the announcement I've been teasing? Here goes!


I've been thinking a lot about midweekthoughts - its impact and its usefulness - but I don't think my posts contain any high-quality thought-provoking issues. I feel that a lot of the writing isn't good and doesn't convey my thoughts well enough - as if I'm just vomiting words out, hoping to make sense. Of course, that is my shortcoming and I just have to work on it. But really, I'm not wise enough to write about all this. Just like how I mentioned about going through various maturity stages, I'm currently at the point where I think midweekthoughts isn't contributing as it should, and so have decided that to put it on an indefinite hiatus. After all, I did say that I didn't want to be a keyboard warrior again..


I guess it comes at a good time too, seeing that I'll become a living zombie for the next couple of months, changing diapers and going through night-feeds. I'm not sure when or if I'll write again, but if/when I do, I hope to be able to contribute in a more structured and sophisticated manner.

Again, thank you for all the support over the past 12 months, for reading my posts, liking and commenting on it! I hope you all continue to stay safe and be well! :)


P.S. In the meantime, if you don't already follow me on Instagram, I recently created my Facebook Page and will be really appreciative if you could spare a moment to "Like" and share it with family and friends :)