If you have not read Part I, please check it out! I promise, Part II is way less serious and deals more with music!

Christian Flores' attempt to nail the trick is similar to musicians in a practice room trying to work a difficult passage. The only thing though, was that Christian did not seem to think about how to improve the technique of landing the trick, but rather just wanted to plough through it in the hopes of landing it once. 

Now, I'm no skateboarding expert (although I used to skateboard when I was 12!) but doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting to land the trick, seems like a path towards failure. Everything was the same - the same setup, same run, same location, etc. Again, not a skateboarder, so I cannot comment on how these athletes practice nailing their tricks. But as musicians, if we did everything the same way, wouldn't that produce the same results? We will then, not be progressing as fast as we could or want to.

Having tenacity is important, but having the wisdom and knowledge of how to tackle problems is equally important! Efficient practice is key to maximising your time spent in the practice room. So next time you are in one, I would suggest not to just plough through it but rather, think about how the technique/piece/anything-you're-working-on can be achieved. Spend time in front of mirrors (they're a musician's best friend) as they are good "third-eyes" to really hone in on specific technical or passage difficulties. Record yourself with audio/video or both (another best friend!) and see how you can take things to the next level. Better still, be creative and come up with new ways/exercises to practice! Spice things up and be ever-changing. That way, you don't have to deal with burnout sooner! 

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